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To Show You How Limitless God's Love is for all HE creates, please listen to Pastor David T. Moore, of "Moore On Life", a very well known radio ministry from over 20 years ago. He is an amazing speaker and how he will open your minds and your hearts about Our Lord Jesus Christ. And now here is: Pastor David T. Moore:

If after listening to Dr. John MacArthur on the previous page ( Home Page ) of: "When God Abandons a Nation".  You heard his position and unfortunately we, here at Wake Up America: We've Got Work to Do! The Radio Broadcast came to that same conclusion over 10 years ago, especially after analysing our intelligence information and then after reading - Romans, Ch. 1: 1-32 and Romans, Ch.2: 1-29.  The one thing I learned very early on was that when we pursued our intelligence research material and analysis, it always took (me especially) to the foot of the cross.

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A Story of Introduction

A Story Of Introduction

    Let me share with you a story about the wealthiest and most powerful person I know and how important he has been to me, but perhaps just as important, how I came to be introduced to him.

    I was introduced to him when I was a young boy.  I was told how wealthy and powerful he was, but I never dreamed how wealthy and powerful he was and still is today, and how important a mentor he would become to me.  Neither did I imagine how interested he was to meet me and how interested he would continue to be in me and how I would live my life.  He caused me to reflect on my life, my activities and actions and the consequences each would have and how they would not only impact me but how much they would impact others.  He always emphasized whenever possible, the importance of putting others first.

    Today, he clearly is the most important person I have ever known for many reasons.  Every time I’ve needed his guidance or help in cleaning up whatever mess I had made, he was always there for me.  Whenever I needed to speak to him, he was always available and still is to this day.  More interesting, whatever I have needed, he has given me whatever time necessary without criticism or judgment and always free of charge.  He has never one time been too busy for me and no matter whatever he was busy with, he always immediately made time for me.  Whenever I called him, I always got right through and still  get through immediately to this day.

    In my entire life, I have never had such an important person take whatever time I've needed and to always be there for me.  Can you imagine how important he has made me feel and how I have grown to appreciate the treasure I possess and how much I appreciate our relationship?   Even though we have never met in person, we talk every single day and he is disappointed when I don’t take the time to contact him and keep him up to date on everything I’m doing and how I’m feeling about whatever it is I’m dealing with.  He has made it clear he is always there to help whenever I need to call upon him.  Now you know why I feel so fortunate and why I appreciate having someone in my life who really cares so much about me. And I can tell you that this is the story of my life after I had the privilege of meeting him.

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